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Why hip hop?

Kids need a safe space to shine


Kids today are told to be quiet, sit still, and do as they are told. They NEED a safe space to express themselves, make decisions, and take creative risks.

At the Hip Hop Dance Center, we train your kids in the creative arts — from piano, to hip hop dance, to acting and songwriting.


We believe that each person has a unique spark and expression in them that needs to be brought out and let shine. We devote ourselves to fanning into life the creative spark inside us all.


I also firmly believe that it is never too late to bring your creative spark to life. Actually, adults are at a unique place in life to develop skills much more rapidly than even children can. I would love to have the chance to explore what bringing your artistry and creativity to life would look like, through dance, music, and poetry.


Let’s discover your spark.

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